5H Rated Grounding Components & Assemblies

Salisbury by Honeywell knows it is important to our customers to offer the latest and greatest products and to adapt to the market’s ever changing and developing needs. Due to the expanding National Electric Grid, an increase in power has created needs for higher rated grounding components and accessories. In order to ensure Salisbury was meeting these challenges and changes in the asymmetrical grounding market, we updated the ratings of 11 ground clamps and our 4/0 cable assemblies to meet the requirements of ASTM F-855, 5H.

When should utilities consider using the X/R=30 ratio? The available fault currents, from all sources, must be considered when selecting temporary protective grounding equipment. Because available fault currents have increased and work near or within substations is often required; additional selection criteria is necessary to account for the various X/R=30 (reactance versus resistance ratio) values that may be encountered in the field.

You can now be confident that Salisbury’s 5H clamps and assemblies will meet or exceed your 5H grounding applications. And, as with all of our ground assemblies, you have the option to create your customized label for your 5H rated grounding set.