IEC & CE Products

Salisbury by Honeywell is proud to introduce the New Line of IEC Earthing equipment. These new products offer utility workers lightweight and reliable equipment for medium voltage overhead lines. Earthing assemblies are available in convenient kits which include a serial jumper configuration with automatic spring loaded clamps and a cluster plate. The addition of the cluster plate and automatic spring loaded clamps allow for easy placement on the line in a single motion. All assembly kits are manufactured to meet IEC 61230 standard.

Salisbury by Honeywell is excited to announce the availability of IEC compliant rubber insulating blankets. These Type I IEC blankets are of the highest quality available today. They will hold their color & flexibility and will maintain physical properties and dielectric strength in the field, while meeting ASTM standard D1048 and IEC standard 61112.

Salisbury’s IEC Insulating Blankets are available with and without eyelets. They are made of Class 2, Type I natural rubber and feature a reinforced beaded edge for added strength and tear-resistance.

Salisbury blankets are manufactured in the USA from materials that are precisely measured in an automated weighing system to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

Meeting International Standards
Our commitment to meeting global expectations is a top priority for Salisbury and you should expect to see further product introductions that meet IEC and CE standards in the months to come!

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