NEW Lift Front Hood

Why is Salisbury by Honeywell’s Lift Front Hood such a revolutionary product in the electrical safety industry?

Users of arc flash hoods can attest to the uncomfortable feeling that results when one’s access to fresh air is reduced and a build-up of CO2 occurs. The combination of limited oxygen and CO2 build-up is not only uncomfortable, but is potentially dangerous to the user if worn for prolonged periods of time.

Fortunately, the unique design of the Lift Front Hood combats this issue as it allows for fresh air flow even while the hood’s face shield is in the deployed position. In addition, the same design feature that provides access to fresh air also allows for the release of CO2 and body heat. While some arc flash hoods feature an integrated cooling fan which provides access to fresh air, these systems add weight to the hood and have been noted to cause some degree of neck strain.

The Lift Front Hood allows for access to fresh air without adding additional weight or creating an additional form of discomfort to the user. Additionally, if the user would like complete access to fresh air, they can simply remove themselves out of the arc flash hazard area, pinch and release the lock mechanism and raise the face shield in a balanced position overhead. When working in an industry standard arc flash hood, a user must completely remove the hood in order to have unlimited access to fresh air.

Access to fresh air, a CO2 release feature and working without the added weight of a cooling system are significant benefits that make the Lift Front Hood stand out when compared with any other arc flash hood. However, the benefits of the Lift Front Hood go beyond the added comfort and safety of added fresh air.

Another significant concern associated with the traditional arc flash hood is the limited outward visibility that one experiences while the hood is being worn. When you combine limited outward visibility with the before mentioned limited oxygen and CO2 build-up, the standard arc flash hood tends to create a confined dark environment that some refer to as claustrophobic.

Many would admit this is not an ideal working environment. In addition, because the standard arc flash hood has excess fabric that impedes on the face shield, this design limits outward visibility and reduces natural light. Taking this concern into consideration, the Lift Front Hood was designed to increase outward visibility. The LFH allows for use of Salisbury’s transparent chin protector which increases access to natural light. Additionally, if the work environment itself does not contain much natural light, the user can easily add Salisbury’s task lights to each side of the face shield and be provided with an extra 70 lumens (35 lumens per task light) of lighting allowing for a better view of the work space.

If the added fresh air access and dramatically increased outward visibility are not enough to convince the industry that this product is revolutionary, then perhaps the overall decrease in product weight of the Lift Front Hood compared to the standard hood will be considered a dramatic improvement. Users of the standard arc flash hood can attest that its weight is not conducive to a comfortable working environment. The Lift Front Hood contains nearly 60% less fabric than a standard arc flash hood.

This fabric reduction reduces the overall weight of the LFH by almost 30% compared to a standard arc flash hood. The weight reduction is even greater compared to standard hoods that feature an integrated cooling system. The reduction in fabric weight of the LFH also eases the neck strain associated with prolonged use of other arc flash hoods and eliminates the need for manual shifting of the hood which is common with the industry standard product.

With the key benefits of increased breathability, visibility, comfort and safety that have been mentioned above, any user of the standard arc flash hood should be able to see that the Lift Front Hood is truly a revolutionary product. Salisbury by Honeywell is proud to be the first to introduce this ground-breaking product into the marketplace and will continue to use customers’ feedback to create new and innovative products that keep electrical workers safe and comfortable at the same time.