Honeywell SafetySuite Worker Compliance Software

Software that actively supports asset tracking and worker compliance. Honeywell SafetySuite software allows you to manage Electrical Safety compliance from one centralized screen.

  • Enjoy piece of mind knowing that your workers are up to date with required trainings
  • Cloud based accessibility from any PC, tablet or phone with internet connectivity

Line Hose & Covers

Salisbury uses SALCOR Rubber to make their line hose products. SALCOR Rubber is a TYPE II rubber that remains flexible in cold weather and is resistant to ozone and UV rays. Salisbury’s exclusive SALCOR Rubber is the preferred material for line hose and other insulating products because it easily withstands the elements and does not lose its flexibility or insulating properties.

Insulating Blankets

Salisbury’s Type II SALCOR® Blankets are of the highest quality available today. They will hold their color and flexibility, and will maintain physical properties and dielectric strength, required by ASTM standard, in the field longer than any other blanket on the market.

Plastic Guards & Covers

Guards and Covers are intended for brush contact applications. All guards can be coupled together to cover any length required.

Outage Protection

The cost of animal caused outages to the utilities is preventable. Animals cause power outages daily, creating time lost to utilities. Salisbury offers an easy solution to this expensive problem. Animals cannot be stopped, but these products can prevent them from causing costly outages. It’s only a matter of time before an animal caused outage happens. Salisbury’s Outage Protection Product Line includes the essential items you need to protect yourself from costly outages.

All of these products are completely made from material that is resistant to the effects of UV and ozone. Designed to withstand the test of time, sun and weather, to keep you protected longer. Designed for linemen. These lightweight products are easy to use and install.

Gloves & Sleeves

Manufactured for outstanding protection, comfort and long-life. Rubber insulating gloves are among the most important articles of personal protection for electrical workers. Incorporating high dielectric and physical strength, flexibility and durability, Salisbury rubber insulating gloves have earned the reputation for superior performancemeeting and exceeding the requirements of current ASTM D120 specifications and IEC EN60903 Standards.

Dielectric Boots

ASTM Dielectric Footwear protects ground workers from step and touch potential in the whole work zone, not just one confined work area, like a grounding mat. ASTM Dielectric Footwear can help reduce the amount of electrical workers in a work area since they are not confined, allows personnel to safely mount and dismount equipment in the work zone, and allows personnel to safely retrieve material from truck bins.

The yellow/black Salisbury ASTM F2413-05 EH Footwear are manufactured per the requirements of ASTM F2413-05 EH. Which means the outsole of these overshoes and boots have been lot tested to 20,000 volts to the electrical hazard requirements of ASTM F2413-05. Salisbury’s red/black ASTM dielectric footwear conforms with ASTM F1117 and are all 100% tested to the electrical hazard requirements of ASTM F1116 at 20,000 volts.

Insulated Jumpers

The Salisbury Sure-lok Jumper clamp is an improvement over other jumper clamps available. The Sure-lok features a ratchet-type locking mechanism (patent pending), which guarantees the clamp not to loosen once it is installed on a line. Loose Jumper clamps not only jeopardize your safety but can also cause fires and power outages. Even when torqued using wrenches or pliers, traditional clamps will eventually loosen from line vibrations and thermal cycling. This clamp tightens with a ratchet action using one hand, with no extra tools for a secure, positive connection. It can’t come loose until you want it to. Pull and turn the locking knob and it loosens like any traditional clamp.

Salisbury Grounding Equipment

A grounding assembly in its basic form consists of two clamps, one pair of ferrules and a length of cable. The clamps can be identical to each other or quite different depending on each grounding application. Because of this, ground clamps are sold individually, not in pairs. Salisbury offers a wide variety of clamps including C-clamps, flat jaw clamps, socket clamps, duckbill clamps and specialty clamps for unique situations. Clamps are offered in either bronze or aluminum alloys and are manufactured to meet the current specifications of ASTM F 855.

Safety Line Grounding Equipment

When ordeing assemblies of grounding products, please make sure all items included in the assembly are only from the product line found within this section. Including items from other grounding equipment sections of products are available in complete assemblies or individual components.

Grounding Accessories

Temporary Protective Grounding Equipment Accessories

Hot Sticks & Tools

There are a variety of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) constructions used for hot sticks. Included are foam filled tubular sticks used for all products requiring solid construction. All Salisbury fiberglass sticks meet ASTM F711 Standard Specifications for FRP and tube used in live line tools and IEC 855. Foam filled hot sticks are manufactured using the pultrusion process. This method incorporate fiberglass reinforcement in a resin matrix which creates a moisture resistant laminate with excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Hot stick production is 100% electrically proof tested. Hot Stick blanks must conform with ASTM F711 requirements.


SALVAR® & Silicone Composite Insulators combine the technologies of fiberglass reinforced rod, metal fittings and our extensive knowledge of elastomeric insulation to produce a high quality composite insulator. Since 1980 thousands of SALVAR® and Silicone Insulators have been installed by utilities worldwide in a variety of environments. Continued outstanding performance is proof of their superior quality and design.

Voltage Detectors

Voltage Detectors

Utility Product Accessories

Utility Product Accessories from Salisbury by Honeywell: canvas buckets and bags, compound pots, cable bandages, insulating saddles, climber guards

Industrial Products

Salisbury by Honeywell offers a line of arc flash protection clothing and kits, face protection equipment, insulated tool kits