Gloves & Sleeves

Electriflex™ Gloves

Thanks to the latest innovation in rubber insulating glove technology, Electriflex™ Gloves provide greater flexibility, dexterity and comfort. So, linemen can get into their work zones and take on tasks with less stress and strain.

Lineman’s Mittens

Salisbury Lineman’s Mittens are made from the same durable, lightweight rubber as the five finger gloves yet keep the user warmer during harsh temperatures. The three finger mitten allows for precise hand movement as well.

Salpol Gloves

Salisbury’s SALPOL Gloves protect hands during cold weather jobs. The black split cowhide leather has a 3M Thinsulate* lining to keep hands warm. For extra warmth a long knit wrist is sewn into the safety cuff to keep out snow and ice. The glove also has a full leather index finger, knuckle strap, leather fingertips, and pull patch.

*Thinsulate is a registered Trademark of the 3M Company.

Drivers Work Gloves

Drivers Work Gloves set the standard for quality at an affordable price. Combining comfort, durability and economy, Salisbury leather Drivers Work Gloves meet the tough challenges of today’s demanding workplace. Available in lined or unlined styles. The bindings are color coded to indicate size: red-small, green-medium, brown-large, purple-extra large.

Linemen Work Gloves

Linemen Work Gloves are designed specifically for use by linemen and offers many of the quality features found in our leather protectors. Made from high quality grain cowhide or goatskin, this glove is soft and flexible, while still being highly abrasion and cut resistant for long wear.

Glove Inspection Equipment

OSHA 1910.137 states “Insulating equipment shall be inspected before each day’s use and immediately following any incident that can reasonably be suspected of having caused damage. Insulating gloves shall be given an air test, along with the inspection.” Salisbury has the perfect answer for inflating your gloves for inspection.

Linemen's Gloves - Low Voltage - ASTM Class 00, 0

Salisbury linemen’s gloves are available in a full range of sizes, from 7 through 12, including half sizes on 8, 9, and 10. Proper fit is important. To determine glove size, measure the circumference around the palm. Allow for additional room if fabric glove liners are to be worn, especially with thermal liners. Type I and Type II gloves are extremely flexible to make working with small parts easy. The gloves meet or exceed ASTM D120 and IEC EN60903 Standards.

Linemen's Gloves - High Voltage - ASTM Class 1, 2, 3, 4

Class 1 through 4 gloves are available in the industry standard color black, or in contrasting two-color combinations. The contrast between the thin outer color against the inner color makes inspecting for cuts and tears easier when the glove is inflated or stretched.

Leather Protectors

Leather Protector Gloves should always be worn over Rubber Insulating Gloves to provide the needed mechanical protection against cuts, abrasions and punctures. All Salisbury protectors are steamed pressed on curved hand forms to insure proper fit over Rubber Gloves. Manufactured from top grade leather, all are sewn with heavy duty nylon thread in the “gunn cut” inseam construction pattern. Each protector for Class 1-4 gloves are equipped with a nonmetallic buckle on the pull strap and an extra wide leather reinforcement over the thumb seam. Protectors for Class 00 and 0 gloves are available with nonmetallic buckle and pull strap or elastic wrist. All Salisbury Leather Protectors meet ASTM F696 standards.

Glove Storage & Gloves Kits

Folds and creases strain rubber and cause it to crack from ozone prematurely. By storing rubber gloves in the right size bag, and never forcing more than one pair into each bag, equipment will lie flat and last longer.

Salisbury bags are constructed of heavy duty canvas duck and are double stitched and riveted at stress points for extra durability. Canvas bags feature a D ring for hanging in trucks or on work belts. Bags feature tapered gussets with wide opening tops for easy insertion.

Linemen's Sleeves

Rubber Insulating Sleeves extend coverage of the arm from the cuff of rubber insulating gloves to the shoulder- fully protecting these areas from accidental contact with energized conductors and equipment. Salisbury sleeves feature a reinforcing fold at the cuff. This fold is preferred over a rolled bead because it adds less bulk to the cuff and fits into the glove easier without pushing. Two different processes are used to manufacture insulating sleeves; dipping and molding. Both meet the current requirements of ASTM D1051 and offer the same high level of quality and protection.

Sleeve Storage & Accessories

Proper storage extends the service life of linemen’s sleeves. Folds and creases strain rubber and cause it to crack from ozone prematurely. By storing rubber sleeves in the right size bag, and never forcing more than one pair into each bag, equipment will lie flat and extend the life of the product.

Linemen's Glove Liners

Liner Gloves enhance the comfort of wearing Rubber Insulating Gloves in every season. Liners provide warmth in the cold season and absorb perspiration in the warm months. Many styles and fabrics are available with either an open or knit wrist.

The knit wrist style grips the wrist rather than allowing the cuff to roll down and bunch at the palm. All Liner Gloves are for year round use with Rubber Insulating Gloves and Mittens. All liners are made from stretch fabric that can fit any hand size.

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