Cleaners, Sunscreen and Supplies


RUB-OUT® is a non-petroleum-based hand cleaner for workers who wear rubber gloves and sleeves. Dissolves and removes grease, oil, ink, tar, pipe dope, creosote, paint and more without harming natural rubber or SALCOR® rubber. Cleans with or without water. Contains natural skin conditioners and leaves a fresh citrus scent.

RUB-OUT® Towelettes

Salisbury’s RUB-OUT® Towelettes are premoistened heavy duty hand cleaner towels that work fast to loosen, dissolve, and absorb dirt and grease, and will not harm rubber gloves! Our powerful yet safe cleaning agents work together with an absorbent, nonscratching abrasive cleaning towel. The citrus-based formula easily removes soil from your hands and leaves them cleaned and conditioned anywhere you’re working. And after cleaning your hands there is enough absorbency to clean your tools and other surfaces with the same towel. These shop size (10.5” x 12.25”) durable towels quickly remove tough-to-clean substances including lubricants, tar, oils, wax, caulk and much more.


TEN-FOUR® GLOVE DUST is a cooling, frictionless powder that absorbs moisture and perspiration when wearing rubber gloves. Provides extra comfort while preventing gloves from getting sticky. The 5-oz. bottle easily fits in a pocket or glove bag. The 4-quart bulk package is used in test labs as a dusting powder when cleaning and testing.


SUPER SALCO® Cleaner is a concentrated detergent with a special grease release formula that removes oils, grease and dirt from natural rubber and SALCOR rubber equipment. Suitable for washing linemen’s rubber gloves, sleeves and other specialty equipment, by hand or in commercial washing machines. Also works well on fiberglass and other materials. Just dilute with water, apply with a rag or sponge and rinse thoroughly.


The S99 SALCON® Silicone Spray is specially formulated to reduce friction on SALCOR® only. Forms an oxygen barrier which helps reduce corona cutting and weather checking on rubber equipment. May also be used to spray spark plugs and battery terminals in damp weather to assist in starting.