Glove Inflator Kit with Adapter

The G100 is a simple and easy to use, portable glove inflator. The G100 operates exactly like the G99, but includes an additional G100A adapter to also inspect Class 00 and 0 and smaller gloves. To use the adapter, the glove is secured to the G100A adapter using a nylon strap with a hook and pile closure. The adapter, with glove attached, is then placed on top of the inflator to be inflated for inspection. Pictured here is the G100A adapter, included with the G100A Glove Inflator Kit.

Product Options Available

G100Glove Inflator Kit with AdapterGlove Inflator Kit w/ Adapter
G100AGlove Inflator Kit with AdapterLo-Volt Glove Adapter

Glove Inflator Kit with Adapter Features and Benefits

NOTE: gloves should be expanded no more than 1.5 times their normal size for Type I, and 1.25 times normal for Type II SALCOR.

Glove Inflator Kit with Adapter Accessories