Molded Linemen's Sleeves - Type II

Molded sleeves are manufactured by either injection or compression molding methods. The advantage these methods offer is the ability to produce sleeves of Type I or SALCOR® Type II synthetic rubber. SALCOR sleeves provide the same high quality and electrical protection as natural rubber, with the added benefit of being resistant to ozone and ultraviolet radiation. Type I sleeves are available in black, yellow or maroon. Type II SALCOR sleeves are black or orange. Molded sleeves are available in curved arm style only.

Shown here: is Orange, Type II, 2ROS.

Product Options Available

1Type IISizes: R or L; Colors:BS or OS
2Type IISizes: R. L or XL; Colors: BS or OS

Molded Linemen's Sleeves - Type II Features and Benefits

Salisbury is the only manufacturer that offers two popular styles of dipped lineman’s sleeves: straight and extracurved. Both styles are available in every color or color combination, size, and voltage class. Most importantly, all are made to the same rigid levels of quality demanded by Salisbury.

Only Salisbury offers both dipped and molded sleeves. R=regular L=large XL=extra large, BS=black SALCOR, OS=orange SALCOR.

Molded Linemen's Sleeves - Type II Accessories