Linemen's Glove Liners

Linemen's Glove Liners - L Series

The L Series has a tough outer cotton fabric while the inner lining is soft and comfortable. The LMKC Series is light, airy and allows ease of movement. The LMKW Series is made from a wool blend fabric that moves easily yet gives a substantial layer of lining.

Shown here: L12J Jersey Style, Light Weight, Seams Out, with an Open Wrist Style, 12" (305mm) in length.

Linemen's Glove Liners - 89 Series

The 89 Series is Salisbury’s classic summer and winter glove liner. Liners absorb perspiration from hands. The summer liner is white in color and 100% cotton. The winter blend is a rust color and 100% acrylic.

Shown here: 89/1402 White Machine Knitt, 100% cotton, Knit Wrist Style, 10" (254mm) in length.