Linemen's Gloves - High Voltage - ASTM Class 1, 2, 3, 4

High Voltage Linemen's Gloves - Straight Cuff

Class 1 through 4 gloves are available in the industry standard color black, or in contrasting two-color combinations. The contrast between the thin outer color against the inner color makes inspecting for cuts and tears easier when the glove is inflated or stretched. A straight cuff is standard on 14” (356 mm), 16” (406 mm) & 18” (457 mm) gloves. The straight cuff is the default style.

High Voltage Linemen's Gloves - Contour Cuff

A contour cuff is angled to prevent bunching or binding at the elbow when the arm is bent. Available on all 18” (457mm) gloves only.

High Voltage Linemen's Gloves - Bell Cuff

The bell cuff accommodates heavier winter clothing and allows for greater air flow in warmer weather. These are available for Class 1 through 4 gloves. Bell cuff gloves are not available in sizes 7, 8 or 8H.