Grounding Accessories

Ground Bag

Heavy-Duty Storage Bag for ground clamp and jumper assemblies.

Ball and Socket System - Ball Studs

The Ball Studs (Shown Here) and the Offset Nema Pad Ball Studs are made from tinplated copper alloy or copper. They each have a 1” (25.4mm) diameter ball. Recommended installation torque of 300 in. lbs. The short stud is used conventionally. The long stud can also be used as the grounding point for “C” or Duck bill clamps that have a jaw width of 2.75” or less. The Offset Nema Pad Ball Stud has the standard Nema bolt hole spacing and also comes in both long and short lengths.

Grounding Clamp Hanger Studs

Hanger Studs are designed to be used with all “C” and Duck Bill ground clamps. Hanger Studs are used to hold one clamp of a set while the other is being installed on the de-energized line. Hanger Studs are not designed or tested to carry current. Shown Here 1928 Hanger, for use with Aluminum “C” Clamps 1.25”, 1.5”, 2.4”, 3.5”

Underground Grounding Studs

The 1735 grounding stud (Shown Here) is made of 7/8” diameter copper with a 5/8-11 female thread on one end and a 1” (2.5 cm) hex drive on the other end for application with a socket drive. The cross bar perch is 3/4” diameter copper, providing heavy duty service. This ground plug also comes equipped with a tapered guide and the yellow protective cap.

Hydraulic Cable Spike

The Hydraulic Cable Spike is designed to verify underground cable, up to 1000MCM, is de-energized before cutting, repairing, splicing or replacing.

Cable Penetrating Ground Clamp

The Cable Penetrating Ground Clamp is designed to be used either as a tool for “spiking” jacketed cable or as a part of a grounding assembly used to bond both ends of an opened cable. The 7/8” long plated steel point is inserted into the eye screw making a low resistant one piece spear. If one point becomes blunted it may be sharpened or replaced with a new spear. Clamps are aluminum body with either smooth or serrated upper jaws. The hard aluminum serrated insert makes optimum contact with the stranded neutral shield.

Hydraulic Ground, Blade, & Cable Spike Clamps

HYDRAULIC GROUND SPIKE CLAMPS: Clamp Cat. No. 760001E, Spike Depth 1 5/8”, Conductor Min. 1” - Max. 3”

Hand Operated Ground Spike

HAND OPERATED GROUND SPIKE: Spike Depth 1 3/4”, Conductor Min. 1” - Max. 3 1/2”

Hydraulic Cutter

HYDRAULIC CUTTER SPIKE: Clamp Cat. No. 760001E, Conductor Min. 0” - Max. 3 1/2”

Adapters and Truck Grounding Reel

Adapters and Truck Grounding Reels are designed to provide a secure and efficient way to ground trucks and equipment when working on or near energized lines

Assorted Grounding Accessories

Assorted Grounding Accessories from Salisbury by Honeywell: Pole Mounted Contact Bars, Pole Band, Truck Grounding Kit, Screw Type Temporary Ground Rod

Underground Tools and Ground Adapter Device Kit

Underground Tools and Ground Adapter Device Kits from Salisbury by Honeywell: Padmount Switch Hook, Underground Spanner Wrench, Plug Installing Tool

Accessories for Underground Spike Tools

Salisbury by Honeywell offers a line of accessories for Underground Spike Tools: spikes, blades and tool heads, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic hoses, protective bags

Ground Elbow and Accessories

Ground Elbow and Accessories from Salisbury by Honeywell: 200 AMP Ground Elbow with Connections, Elbow Connector Tools, Insulated Elbow Remover