Ground Elbow and Accessories

200 AMP Ground Elbow with Connections

The 200 AMP Ground Elbow with Connections may be used on single phase or three phase installations. Grounding sets come complete with extra flexible cable and connections. Elbows are rated for a maximum fault current of 10,000 amps for 10 cycles. All the clamps come with grip-all eyes for use with a clampstick.

Elbow Connector Tools

The 600 AMP Elbow Connector Tool is designed to fit all the 15kV and 25 kV rated loadbreak and non-loadbreak elbows. The jaws are contoured to provide a positive grip and not interfere with the contact interface area, allowing the elbow to operate properly while connecting or disconnecting.

Insulated Elbow Remover

The Insulated Elbow Remover is used by inserting a hook in the loop on the back of any elbow while applying a hammering action. This tool can also be used to seal elbows when installing them. Other lengths available.