Assorted Grounding Accessories

Pole Mounted Contact Bars

Pole Mounted Contact Bars are designed to act as a convenient common point for electrical connections and also as a hanger for grounding sets during installation and removal. Supplied with a chain and an adjustable wheel binder that will accommodate most common pole diameters. Catalog #20880 has one 5/8-11UNC tapped hole for the permanent connection of a ground lead. The Salisbury 21840 is a lighter-weight pole mounted contact bar.

Pole Band

The Pole Band is lightweight and easy to install. It is a required component of equiotential zone grounding systems.

Screw Type Temporary Ground Rod

The Salisbury 2103 Screw Type Temporary Ground Rod is used when an adequate system ground is not available. The design incorporates a copperweld rod with bronze fittings screwed and pinned on both ends. The terminal on the handle is designed to accept cables equipped with a 5/8-11 UNC threaded ferrule. As an alternative, a “C” clamp may also be attached directly to the ground rod shaft