Honeywell Safety Suite Software Now Available for Electrical Safety

With Salisbury Electrical Safety products and other personal protective equipment (PPE) from Honeywell, you’re investing in safety that protects the well-being of your workers.

Traditional means of managing spreadsheets for safety managers require manual updating of test compliance for gloves, sleeves, linehose, etc. can be cumbersome and prone to errors. Honeywell SafetySuite software with optional RFID Enabled Electrical Safety Products, is changing the traditional approach of compliance management.

Tracking ASTM and EN test cycles for gloves, sleeves, tools or any other compliance asset is seamless and can be tracked down to the user level. Worker training compliance can also be utilized to maintain OSHA and/or company requirements. One software package that makes it easy keeping track of your Electrical Safety assets and worker compliance.

  • Integrated asset description and characteristics that are easily visible
  • Enjoy piece of mind knowing that your workers are up to date with required trainings
  • Denote asset inspection frequency of 1 month, 6 months or other specified interval
  • Cloud based accessibility from any PC, tablet or phone with internet connectivity

Honeywell Salisbury now offers Electriflex Gloves and Dipped Sleeves with an optional RFID. A ruggedized technology for a rugged environment that unlocks a powerful dataset when paired with Safety Suite. A wide range of Electrical Safety products are planned to incorporate the same ruggedized RFID technology. If you already have assets you would like to track, several retrofit RFID solutions are available to meet your needs.

Further detailed information on SafetySuite can be found at the following link

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