Hot Sticks & Tools

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LitFinger™ and LitLink™

LitFinger and LitLink are specialty lights for use in hot stick operations in dark or unlighted areas.

FRP Clampsticks

External Rod Clampsticks are constructed of closed cell foam-filled tubular fiberglass in accordance with ASTM standard F711. The hook’s operating rod, made of solid 3/8” (9.5mm) dia. fiberglass, is mounted on the exterior of the tool so that it can be easily wiped down prior to use. These Clampsticks meet ASTM F1825 Standards.

Universal Switch Sticks

One, two, and three section hot sticks have a standard splined universal head. 1.25” dia. switch sticks are supplied with a #9971 Prong. A Heavy Duty Disconnect Prong #9969 is supplied on all others.

Fiberglass Hot Switch Sticks

Switch Sticks use closed cell foam filled tubular fiberglass made in accordance with ASTM Standard F711. Both the standard head and the heavy duty prong disconnect are made of durable high strength aluminum bronze alloy.

Toggle Handle Fiberglass Clampsticks

Fiberglass Hot Switchsticks are manufactured in accordance with the following specifications: ASTM F711, OSHA 1910.269(j), and OSHA 1926.951(d). All handles are made from pultruded, smooth, foam-filled fiberglass. Safety yellow is the primary fiberglass color. It is recommended that handles be wiped clean with a silicote cloth before and after every use.

The Sectionalizer Kit

The Sectionalizer Kit temporarily disconnects and isolates a section of line without interrupting service to the balance of the circuit. The entire operation of installation and removal of the sectionalizers can be performed with live line tools. Particularly useful when circuits are interrupted as a result of conductor, insulation or pole failures. Service can be restored by cutting in sectionalizers to isolate the section of line that is in trouble.

Insulating Link Sticks

The Insulating Link Sticks are designed to isolate rope, hoists, and blocks being used between energized conductors and a pulling device.Also provide dielectric properties if strap hoist becomes contaminated through field use.Cat. Nos.2512, 2518, and 2524 are made with solid fiberglass. All insulating link sticks are proof tested and marked with WLL prior to shipment. Other lengths and configurations available.All bags hold 3 link sticks.Bags not included.

Salisbury Insulated Rescue Hook

Salisbury Insulated Rescue Hook is an invaluable tool for any workplace used to withdraw an injured worker out of a hazardous area. Confined spaces, in vaults, or just near electrical cabinets and switch gear are some of the places where this tool is a must. Featuring a foam filled, fiberglass reinforced handle for superior electrical insulation and a coated heat treated body hook with an 18” opening. The stick is available in the standard lengths of 6 and 8-foot lengths. Other lengths are available as a special order. Contact us with your requirements. Handle meets the requirements of ASTM F711.

Rescue and Static Discharge Stick

The Static Discharge Stick is designed to safely remove the static charge after de-energizing. This tool is pre-assembled and includes a copper “U” hook, 3’6’’ closed cell foam filled tubular fiberglass stick and 6’ of copper grounding cable attached to a Salisbury 1814 bronze flat jaw serrated grade 3 clamp. Also available in a 1’ length stick.

Static Discharge Sticks

A Discharge Hook is used to drain capacitive voltage. The probe is first used to make contact, then the hook can be used to make direct contact bypassing the fuse. The fuse gives added protection in case initial contact is accidentally made on energized equipment. Fuse is rated at 8 kV maximum, 6 amperes continuous.

A Discharge Hook is a special discharging device used to deenergize capacitors and other voltage retaining components before maintenance work is performed. Mounting clip (Cat. No. 1925MC) is included. Standard handle length is 2 feet (0.61 m). Other cable and handle lengths are available.

Universal Switch Sticks & Accessories

Double Ended & Tie Heads

Specialty Hot Switch Sticks

Mechanical Hand Stick, Wire Clamp Stick, Alligator Stick, Pigtail Stick, Stranded Wire Holding Stick, Cable Handler

Ferrules & Accessories

Hexagonal Ferrules, Universal Ferrules, Rivets, Hexagonal Ferrule Kits, Universal Ferrule Kits, Caps, Hand Cleaners

Storage for Hot Sticks and Tools

Salcor Tool Holders, Hot Stick Bags, Tubular PVC Storage Containers