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Handle Cleaner is formulated to clean and condition fiberglass handles. Removes moisture and other contaminates such as dirt, tar, and grease without harming finish and leaves a thin water-repellent coating.

Use the Silicote Cloth to wipe dust and dirt from fiberglass insulating handles. Cloth is specially treated with Silicone which leaves a thin coating on the insulating handles. Grease, insulation marks, and other foreign matter should be cleaned from handles with fiberglass handle cleaner before using the silicote cloth. Regular use of the silicote cloth will add to the life and safety of insulating handles. Packaged with directions in resealable, plastic bag.

Product Options Available

2000SCHand CleanersSilicote Cloth
2001Hand CleanersTowelette
2002Hand Cleaners1-Gal Bottle
2003Hand Cleaners16 fl oz Spray Bottle

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