FRP Clampsticks

External Rod Clampsticks are constructed of closed cell foam-filled tubular fiberglass in accordance with ASTM standard F711. The hook’s operating rod, made of solid 3/8” (9.5mm) dia. fiberglass, is mounted on the exterior of the tool so that it can be easily wiped down prior to use. These Clampsticks meet ASTM F1825 Standards.

Product Options Available

4007*External Rod Clampstick4’ 8”
4008*External Rod Clampstick5’ 8”
4009*External Rod Clampstick6’ 8”
4010*External Rod Clampstick8’ 8”
4011*External Rod Clampstick10’ 8”
4012*External Rod Clampstick12’ 8”
4013*External Rod Clampstick14’ 8”
8106CPlain CAP6’6”
*Add a “9864”suffix for a Switch Stick Heador a “9840” suffix for a Splined Universal Head. Clamp sticks may be ordered with these fittings attached to the end by adding the appropriate suffix to the catalog number.

FRP Clampsticks Features and Benefits

  • Tough Thermoplastic head ferrule.
  • EZ Grip plastic hand grip.
  • Wide opening 15/16” ( 23.8mm) stainless steel hook.
  • Heavy duty rubber end cap.

FRP Clampsticks Accessories