The Sectionalizer Kit

The Sectionalizer Kit temporarily disconnects and isolates a section of line without interrupting service to the balance of the circuit. The entire operation of installation and removal of the sectionalizers can be performed with live line tools. Particularly useful when circuits are interrupted as a result of conductor, insulation or pole failures. Service can be restored by cutting in sectionalizers to isolate the section of line that is in trouble.

Product Options Available

SKU Name Description
1370A Parts One Sectionalizer Only, 25 kV, 36” (0.91 m)
1370FB Parts Box w/ Inserts 44” x 12” x 16” (112 x 31 x 41 cm)
1370H Parts Hook with 1/2” Drive
1370HR Parts Hold Down Hook with Ring
1370SL Sectionalizer Kit Set includes: 3 of 1370A, 1 of 1370H, 1 of 1370FB
1370V Parts Wire Holder, 9/16” (1.43 cm) max. size wire

The Sectionalizer Kit Features and Benefits

Consists of 1-3/4” foam-filled fiberglass connected to a manually operated take-up device. The strain of the line is taken by means of the take-up device using the hook (Cat. No. 1370H), which fastens on the end of the socket wrench (Cat. No. 596FG or equal). The conductor is then cut and cleared.

The Sectionalizer Kit Accessories