Storage for Hot Sticks and Tools

SALCOR® Tool Holders

SALCOR® Tool Holders secure tools to trailers, compartments and tool rooms. 12 per package.

Hot Stick Bags

Hot Stick Bags are constructed of heavy vinyl with double stitched seams. Flaps snap closed. 6” (152mm) wide and designed to hold sticks up to 4” (102mm) shorter than bag length shown on chart.

Tubular PVC Storage Containers

Tubular PVC Storage Containers provide weather tight storage. Kit includes two mounting brackets and four steel bolts with each 6” (152mm) I.D. or 4.1” (104mm) tube. Sized for tools 12” (305mm) shorter than tube. Four mounting bolts 3/8” x 1.5” (9.5 x 38mm) are supplied with each container. Kit may be ordered without tubing, or with mounting brackets only.