Tool Heads 1

Tool Heads are used in live line applications. This equipment should be mounted on suitable handles to ensure proper distance from live conductors. Below are the choices of end fitings available. All tools have one of these three fittings.

Product Options Available

SKU Name Description
11 Cotter Key Remover Add suffix “U” for Universal, “Q” for Quick Change
1101 Spring Loaded Remover
13 Screwdriver Add suffix “U” for Universal, “Q” for Quick Change
165 Hammer Add suffix “U” for Universal, “Q” for Quick Change
1900U Switch Disconnect w/ Hammer Head
2500 Convertible Adapter Shotgun Adaptor
320E Safety Clip for Quick Change Locks a quick change tool head to handle.
3301 Quick Change Handle Splice Joint
3302 Handle Splice Joint & Spring Splices two handles together creating a flexible handle.
3401Q Convertible Adapter Changes QC to U
3401TS Convertible Adapter Thumb Screw Only
3402L5934 GA Adapter w/ Square Drive & Spring- 1/2” (1.3 cm) Square Drive, 3/4” (1.9 cm) Socket 2 lbs
3402Q Convertible Adapter Changes QC to GA
3402U Convertible Adapter Changes GA to U
3403 Convertible Adapter 5/8” - 11 Internal Thread, Changes QC to U
3500 Cotter Key Installer Add suffix “U” for Universal, “Q” for Quick Change
4114 Flex Head Socket Wrench
4115 Ratchet Wrench 1/2” ( 12.7 mm ) sq. drive
5900 Toggle & Spring The 1/2” (1.3 cm) square drive converts handles into a socket stick.
8A Locating Drift Add suffix “U” for Universal, “Q” for Quick Change
9 Wrench Attachment Add suffix “U” for Universal, “Q” for Quick Change
98B Bayonet Ferrule Installs/removes ground heads with bayonet studs.

Tool Heads 1 Features and Benefits

Has a 5/8”-11 threaded stud that threads into the top of a hexagonal ferrule. A hexagonal collar slides down and over the hexagonal ferrule making a strong, positive connection. A plastic safety clip is used to lock the quick change end fitting to an insulating handle.

Gives the user the option to position and secure an universal tool head at several angles. It also allows meters to be attached to universal handles. Universal fittings can be installed on universal sticks by using the 2500 shotgun adapter.

For use with the clamp stick. The hook from the clamp stick is hooked through the eye hole of the eye screw, then drawn into the clamp stick and secured.

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