Face Shield - AS1200-CE

The Honeywell Salisbury AS1200-CE face shield provides 12 cal/cm² of protection and comes with our premium polycarbonate lens which provides improved anti-fog and anti-scratch protection for improved visibility. The unique weight balancing system which holds the shield in a centered position on the top of the hard hat, avoiding user neck strain. These features combined create a shield that is comfortable and easy to use – allowing you to perform your task more efficiently and with an enhanced level of safety.

Product Options Available

SKU Name Description
AS1200-CE Faceshield - AS1200-CE AS1200FS-CE shield w/ orange chin guard
AS1200-CLR-CE Faceshield - AS1200-CLR-CE AS1200FS-CE shield w/ transparent chin guard
AS1200HAT-CE Faceshield with Hard Hat AS1200HAT-CE
AS1200HAT 12 cal/cm² weight balancing hard hat with orange chin guard
AS1200HAT-CLR-CE Faceshield with Hard Hat AS1200HAT-CLR-CE
AS1200HAT 12 cal/cm² weight balancing hard hat with transparent chin guard

Features and Benefits

  • 12 cal/cm2 rating
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Increased Product Life
  • Absorbs >99.9% of harmful UV radiation


  • AS1200FS-CE Replacement Lens
  • AS12ORG-CE Orange Chin Protector
  • AS12CLR-CE Transparent Chin Protector