Pro-Hood Arc Flash Protection Hoods - FH31RB

IMPROVED! 31 cal/cm2, royal blue

Pro-Hood Arc Flash Protection Hoods - FH31RB Features and Benefits

8 cal/cm2 to 100 cal/cm2* ATPV ratings
8 cal/cm2 to 75 cal/cm2* hoods are made from arc flash resistant material
100 cal/cm2* hood is made from TuffWeld® and Q/9® material layers
Sewn with Nomex® thread
Arc rated 10” x 20” anti-fogging replaceable lens
Slotted bracket
Hook and pile tabs to attach Salisbury’s PRO-AIR™ belt mounted compact air system
One size fits all.
Hard hat not included.
Meet current ASTM F2178 and NFPA 70E standards and the flammability requirements for ASTM F1506.
Orange color available by special order

NEW Optional Universal Inner Anti-Fog Lens

NEW Optional Integrated Air Flow Hood System

NEW Design and Cut on FH8BL. FH11BL & FH20BL Clearer Lens available on FH8BL, FH11BL, FH20BL, FH31RB, FH40GY, FH40GYLT, and FH55GY

Pro-Hood Arc Flash Protection Hoods - FH31RB Accessories