Insulated Jumpers

Stick Installed Flexible Jumper

Stick Installed Flexible Jumpers can be manufactured for hot stick operations using Salisbury heavy-duty eye clamps. Clamps are rated for continuous current and fit all standard shotgun type hot sticks. For ease of application, a Hanger Stud is recommended. Shrouded ferrules are not recommended for use with eye type clamps.

Flexible Insulated Jumper Cables

Flexible Insulated Jumper Cables are lightweight and resistant to oil, heat, moisture, ozone and abrasion. The cable is embossed every three feet with conductor size and kV rating.

Clear Plastic Jumper Clamps

Clear Plastic Jumper Clamps are compact, lightweight, and virtually unbreakable. The transparency allows easy inspection of the ferrule and cable inside of the handle. The body and jaw are made from a copper base alloy. The lower floating ring contact is bronze. These handles should be cleaned only with a mild detergent to maintain the transparency of the handle. Assembled kits are sold with a 10 ft. (3m) cable and unshrouded ferrules.

FRP Jumper Clamps

FRP Jumper Clamps are designed for maximum loads, voltages, and cables. During a temperature rise test at 25% overload, these clamps heated 35% less than 4/0 cu. cable. Blunted points on the handle provide optimum grip, resist impact, and will not soften with overloads. The body and jaw are made from a copper based alloy. The lower jaw is made of self lubricating bronze. The assembled jumpers are sold with a 10ft. (3m) or 12 ft. (3.7m) cable and unshrouded ferrules.

Salcor Insulated Jumper Clamps

SALCOR® Jumper Clamps are available in two main line sizes with a maximum use voltage of 35kV.

Locking Insulated Jumper Clamps

The Salisbury Sure-lok® Jumper clamp is a revolutionary improvement over any other jumper clamp in the world. Featuring a ratchet type locking mechanism (patent pending), this is the only clamp available guaranteed not to loosen once installed on a line.

Insulated Jumper Clamps Accessories

Stirrup Clamps, Hot Jumper Parking Stand, and Connector Link are Insulated Jumper Clamps Accessories.


Ferrules are manufactured in two different styles: unshrouded and shrouded.