Unshrouded Ferrules

Unshrouded ferrules are crimped to the conductor strands only and can be used on either stick- or glove-installed jumpers.

Product Options Available

2022Unshrouded - Tin PlatedCable Size: #2, Strand Die Codes: 50, Burndy Die Number: U243
2023Unshrouded - Tin PlatedCable Size: 1/0, Strand Die Codes: 50, Burndy Die Number: U243
2024Unshrouded - Tin PlatedCable Size: 2/0, Strand Die Codes: 60, Burndy Die Number: U245
2025Unshrouded - Tin PlatedCable Size: 4/0, Strand Die Codes: 66, Burndy Die Number: U247

Unshrouded Ferrules Features and Benefits

Ferrules are manufactured of 99.5% pure copper with industry standard 5/8”-11 NC threads. Ferrules are topped with a brass hex jam nut and toothed stainless steel lockwasher.

Unshrouded Ferrules Accessories