Arc Suppression Blanket

The Arc Suppression Blanket is used as a barrier for protection from the explosive and incendiary effects of electrical arcs and flashes. These hazardous electrical discharges can be caused by faults in cables, in cable splices and joints, and at transformer terminals, or they may be generated by the operation of switch gear, circuit breakers and lightning arrestors. The blanket can be used for worker protection in underground vaults, switchyards, and other locations where electrical equipment poses a risk of exposure to explosive electrical discharges.

Product Options Available

ARC45-15Arc Suppression Blanket15kA rating - navy blue, Dimensions (in): 48 x 60
ARC45-40Arc Suppression Blanket40kA rating -gray/khaki, Dimensions (in): 48 x 60
ARC48-15Arc Suppression Blanket15kA rating - navy blue, Dimensions (in): 48 x 96
ARC48-40Arc Suppression Blanket40kA rating -gray/khaki, Dimensions (in): 48 x 96
ARC142Arc Suppression BlanketSingle Kevlar Strap w/ Buckle, Dimensions (in): 1 x 42
ARC142-K16Arc Suppression BlanketArc48 Strap Kit With 16 Buckles
ARC142-K12Arc Suppression BlanketArc45 Strap Kit With 12 Buckles
Note:Arc Suppression Blanket-Add suffix “P” to include storage bag. -Add suffix “PS” to include storage bag and tie-straps.
Notes:Arc Suppression Blanket-Add suffix “C” to include P4 canister. -Add suffix “CS” to include P4 canister and tie-straps.

Arc Suppression Blanket Features and Benefits

Salisbury by Honeywell Arc Protection Blankets are now available in 4’ x 5’ and 4’ x 8’ sizes. Each size is available in 15kA or 40kA ratings. The 15kA blankets (Sample Shown Here) include convenient loops and the 40kA blankets include grommets to easily keep the blanket in place. These new blankets are sold individually or with a storage bag or storage bag and tie-strap kit.

NOTE These products do not eliminate or reduce requirements for proper PPE for arc flash protection

WARNING Because of the unpredictability of electrical Arcs, the Arc Protective Blanket (APB) may not totally contain the arc and flashes, but only reduce or limit explosive and incendiary effects. Properly installed APB’s can reduce the risk of injury from the blast and heat. They do not provide any personal protection for hearing, eyes, smoke inhalation, hazardous gas inhalation, or burns.

WARNING Arc Protective Blankets are not designed for electrical insulating protection. Using the Arc Protective Blanket for electrical insulating protection can result in serious injury or death.

ASTM Standard for Testing of Arc Blankets
Arc protective blankets are used in many electrical applications to protect workers who are stationed near energized electrical parts. While these blankets have been used for years, there have been no testing criteria for their evaluation. A new ASTM International standard will be used to determine the effectiveness of arc protective blankets in suppressing the combined effect of an arc flash and an arc blast. The new standard, ASTM F2676, Test Method for Determining the Protective Performance of an Arc Protective Blanket for Electric Arc Hazards, was developed by Subcommittee F18.65 on Wearing Apparel, part of ASTM International Committee F18 on Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers.

This new standard gives companies the ability to evaluate blankets with a repeatable standard that can be done at many test labs using an electric arc and a high speed camera.

Arc Suppression Blanket Accessories