Blanket Accessories

Fasteners - Blanket Buttons

Blanket Buttons are designed to secure eyelet-style insulating blankets. The B1 button (Shown Here), made of yellow plastic, snaps through the eyelet with thumb pressure on the large head. The bright orange polystyrene B23 twoway buttons are inserted into the eyelets for use with a shotgun clamp stick or standardduty switch stick.

Fasteners - Magnetic Blanket Buttons

MB6 Magnetic Blanket Buttons are designed for use in eyelets of insulating blankets when covering energized portions in hard-to-cover areas like pad mounts, cubicles, switchboards and substations. Four permanent floating magnets are mounted between nickel-plated steel plates. May be applied manually, wearing rubber gloves, or with a shot-gun stick.

Fasteners - Ty-Straps

Ty-Straps are 14” (356mm) and 30” (762mm) long and made of 1 1/2” (38mm) wide strips of rubber with hook and pile fasteners affixed to each end. The worker simply wraps the Ty-Strap around the positioned blanket and presses the hook and pile ends together. Contact your local Salisbury representative for custom length Ty-Straps.

Storage - Blanket Canister

Blanket Canisters-molded in bright orange, hiimpact polyethylene-protect insulating blankets when not in use. A tight-fitting cap is secured to the canister with polypropylene rope. THE SALISBURY ADVANTAGE

Storage - Blanket Roll Ups

Blanket Roll Ups provide a safe and convenient means for protecting blankets from damage while in transport or storage. Ruggedly constructed of 18 oz. vinyl with side flaps to confine the blankets into position and prevent damage to the edges. Two heavy 33” web straps with buckles close the roll-up, and includes a web carrying handle.