SI Series of Silicone Insulators

The SI Series of Silicone Insulators features a silicone formulation weathershed material. Salisbury combined the excellent hydrophobic and electrical qualities of silicone with an optimum weathershed design and corrosion resistant fiberglass rod to produce a state-of-theart insulator which meets or exceeds industry requirements.

Improved Dead End/Suspension Insulator

Salisbury’s Improved 23613 Dead End/ Suspension Insulator has aluminum end fittings. These new end fittings create a lightweight product that is easier to handle and provides a 15,000 pound ultimate tensile strength. The new aluminum end fittings withstands corrosion better than the previous galvanized steel SI series insulators, adding to the life of the insulator.

Silicone Insulator

The 9502L-EP Silicone Insulator combines two essential characteristics: PERFORMANCE - The 9502L-EP is the only composite insulator manufactured as a replacement for two 10” (254mm) porcelain disks. Installation is limited to horizontal dead-end applications only. INNOVATION - Unlike any other insulator on the market, the unique shed design of the 9502L-EP minimizes the material content without compromising electrical or dimensional requirements.