Line Hose & Covers

TD Tagging Device

The TD Tagging Device, made from molded orange SALCOR®, is used to tag opened disconnect switches. It allows “Hold” cards to be placed on the circuit and fits over the heads of 1-1/4” (32 mm) and 1-1/2” (38 mm) switch sticks.

Meter Terminal Cover

The TH111 Meter Terminal Cover is used to avoid accidental contact with energized parts on 100 and 200 Amp single phase meter sockets. Made of orange SALCOR.

Spade Cover

Spade Covers are easily installed to provide temporary insulation when working in padmount transformers and other electrical apparatus. If spade covers are securely held in place, they may be left on spades or connectors indefinitely for front end protection. The larger SC5, SC6, or SC6G are also used to cover primary elbows as well as the larger and longer multiple lead primary and secondary fittings and lugs used in underground enclosures and vaults.

Cable End Caps and Arrester Covers

Cable End Caps are applied with rubber gloves. They are used on high voltage distribution cable ends found in vaults, cubicles and substations when cable remains energized during work. Cable End Caps are made from Type II orange SALCOR®.

Conventional System Line Hose & Covers

Conventional Style Line Hose is available in orange Type II SALCOR®. SALCOR remains flexible even in cold weather and it is not damaged by ozone or ultraviolet rays. Each line hose has Salisbury’s RIB-GRIP Locking System. The straight or connector end style is available in three sizes: 1” and 1.25” I.D. rated at 17kV, Class 2 and 1.5” I.D. rated at 26.5kV, Class 3.

Extended Lip SU System Line Hose & Cover

The Extended Lip SU System is the only complete flexible cover-up available for use on voltages through 34.5kV. Extremely versatile, it may be installed by hand, wearing rubber insulating gloves, from an insulated aerial device or platform, or with hot sticks using the SU applicators.