Cable End Caps and Arrester Covers

Self-Securing Cable End Caps

Self-securing Cable End Caps for Underground Distribution are rated at 20kV, and have a minimum wall thickness of .25”. They keep moisture and contamination off trimmed cable ends. The selfsecuring slot keeps the cable locked safely inside the end cap. These Cable End Caps are applied with rubber gloves.

Lightning Arrester Covers

Lightning Arrester Covers are made from Type II orange SALCOR. The slot allows the cap to fit directly over the energized lightning arrestor and the line connection. Lightning Arrester Covers can be applied with rubber gloves or a hot stick.

Clear Cable Covers

Clear Cable Covers are made from clear PVC round or oval tube. Each cover has a grip all handle attachment for installation with an insulated grip all hotstick.

Clear PVC Stress Cone Cover

The 14200011 Clear PVC Stress Cone Cover has a grip all attachment that allows this cover to be installed with an insulated grip all hotstick. The inspection window can be opened for testing with a voltage sensor.