Outage Protection

Complete Bushing-Stinger Cover

The 27148 Bushing Cover & Stinger Cover Unit is made from UV resistant PVC plastic to maximize the outdoor durability. The Complete Bushing/ Stinger Cover interlocks with the top weathershed of the bushing and securely fastens by inserting lock buttons (provided). The Complete Bushing/Stinger Cover can be installed without disconnecting equipment using rubber insulating gloves. This product offers an integrated stinger cover which will cover the lead wire for an easy solution.

Stinger Covers

Stinger Covers protect against phase to phase and phase to ground wildlife contacts. These covers have been accepted by Rural Utilities Service (RUS).The stinger cover can be installed without disconnecting the lead wire from the bushing. Available in three diameters, it is easily cut in the field to the needed length.

Silicone Bushing Covers

Standard Salisbury Bushing Covers and Salisbury Tri-Port® Bushing Covers are made from Ozone and UV resistant silicone rubber, maximizing the outdoor durability and tracking resistance. These covers have been accepted by Rural Utilities Service (RUS). Bushing Covers protect against wildlife contacts between energized equipment and ground by insulating exposed energized bushing parts.

Instant Insulation

Instant Insulation may be installed as permanent cover to protect against outages caused by weather, trees and animals.