Cone Bushing Cover

For complete 360 degree coverage, the BC512 Cone Bushing Cover is the right choice. Complete with upper and lower trim rings for a custom fit size and internal ribs for added air flow and water drainage. Made from Ozone and UV resistant silicone rubber, the BC512 permanently protects bushings from all sources of potential outages. Installation requires de-energizing equipment.

Cone Bushing Cover Features and Benefits

Salisbury Cone Bushing Covers are made from Ozone and UV resistant silicone rubber, maximizing the outdoor durability and tracking resistance. These covers have been accepted by Rural Utilities Service (RUS). Bushing Covers protect against wildlife contacts between energized equipment and ground by insulating exposed energized bushing parts. Dimensions: 12"H x 5" W ( 305mm H x 127Wmm ), Qnty: 1.

Cone Bushing Cover Accessories