Lightweight Conductor Cover

The 21826 Lightweight 35kV Conductor Cover is a six (6’, 1.8m) foot, cover rated Class 4 (36.6 kV*). It is applied using rubber gloves when following appropriate company work rules. The inside diameter is 3” making it useful on a wide range of conductor sizes. 6' Cover, Class 4.

*guarded Ø to guarded Ø .

Lightweight Conductor Cover Features and Benefits

The unique “connector-stop” molded into one end prevents covers from overlapping during installation. This eliminates wasted time when trucks have to be moved to reconnect sections that did not couple correctly. This cover is also compatible with Salisbury 1.5” I.D. Class 3 or 4 flexible rubber line hose.

All of our lightweight covers are made from safety orange Type I high density cross link polyethylene.

Lightweight Conductor Cover Accessories