Versa® and Link® Guards

Versa Guards®

Versa Guards, with a voltage rating of 36.6 kV*, are designed so that two guards can be coupled together to cover most 13 kV single and double arm, pin and post constructions. A lighter 47” version (2389) of the standard 4.5’ Versa Guard is available in a Type III ABS/PVC weather resistant material.

*guarded Ø to guarded Ø

Link Guards®

Link Guards, with a voltage rating of 72.5kV*, have inner and outer shells that run full length to include male and female couple ends. Two guards connected provide four overlapping thicknesses of plastic plus air at a joint.

*guarded Ø to guarded Ø

Tee Connectors

Tee Connectors are used on horizontal and vertical posts and suspension insulator strings when plastic line guards are used on the conductor. Made from Type I, ABS plastic with eye fittings, the connector accommodates the male end of a guard. Available in two ratings: 72.5 kV* and 48.3 kV*. Accepts 34.5 kV pin insulators along with post and insulator strings.