Safety Line Grounding Equipment

Cutout Clamps

Cutout Clamps are applied with a clampstick into the bottom hinge contact of a cutout. This clamp can be used as part of a ground assembly or by using a contact stud using a standard grounding assembly with “C” clamps from the stud to ground.

Grounding Cables for Safety Line Sets

Grounding Cables are made with extra flexible strand of soft drawn #30 AWG (.01”) copper and are available in three different jackets.

Neutral Jumper Assembly

The Concentric Neutral Jumper Assembly is used for bonding purposes on non-jacketed cable. It is usually installed across a portion of cable to be cut, repaired, or spliced. The assembly is left in place until the concentric neutral is spliced. As a safety precaution, follow all of your organization’s applicable rules and/or policies pertaining to faulted cable, spiking, and grounding.

Underground Dead Break Set

The components of the Underground Dead Break Ground Set provide safe and simple grounding methods on padmount transformers or any related URD equipment. These grounds can be ordered in complete sets or individual components. The jumpers are made with 6 foot (1.83 m) lengths of #2, clear-jacketed, extra flexible cable. Clamps (7640001E) supplied include an eye for a grip-all insulating stick application.

URD Assembly

The URD Grounding Assembly is used for underground personal protective grounding elbow used for grounding pad-mounted equipment, switches and transformers when performing de-energized maintenance on URD distribution systems, and draining DC capacitive charges from de-energized URD cables.

Running Rail Clamps

The Running Power Rail Ground Set is made up of 7561A power rail clamp and 7560 running rail clamp connected with three feet (91.4 cm) of 4/0 PVC-jacketed copper cable. Set includes one 10024BC, 1” x 24” (2.5 x 61 cm) fiberglass handle with bayonet to operate the power rail clamp.

Threaded and Pin Ferrules for Safety Line Sets

For Threaded Ferrules (Terminals) the recommended torque applied during installation of jam nut for threaded ferrules is 20 ft.-lb. These threaded ferrules include one brass jam nut and one lock washer. For Pin Terminalsthe recommended torque applied during installation of pin ferrule eye bolts is 28 ft.-lb.

Grounded Bushing Sets and Elbow Grounding Sets

Salisbury by Honeywell presents a line of Grounded Bushing Sets and Elbow Grounding Sets.

Ball and Socket System

The Ball and Socket Grounding System has a lightweight compact design and allows for variable angle accessibility. These clamps are made from bronze alloy and have a socket size of 1” (25.4mm) with a threaded bore boss of 5/8”-11 UNC. There are fixed grounding points on the socket clamp.