Cutout Clamps

Cutout Clamps are applied with a clampstick into the bottom hinge contact of a cutout. This clamp can be used as part of a ground assembly or by using a contact stud using a standard grounding assembly with “C” clamps from the stud to ground.

Product Options Available

7640002EAluminumEye, Stainless Steel
7640002EBAluminumEye, Bronze
7640002PSEAluminumEye, Stainless Steel w/ Al. Dbl. Parking Stand
7640002PSEBAluminumEye, Bronze w/ Al. Dbl. Parking Stand
7640CM2TBronzeT-Handle, Stainless Steel

Cutout Clamps Features and Benefits

ASTM Grade/Class: 3/A Smooth Jaw
Main Line Range: 0.188” - 1.63”
Continuous Current Rating: 300 RMS Amps, 60 Hz
1.63” Aluminum Cutout Clamps - Threaded - w/o strain relief sleeve

Additional screw options available.

Cutout Clamps Accessories