Neutral Jumper Assembly

The Concentric Neutral Jumper Assembly is used for bonding purposes on non-jacketed cable. It is usually installed across a portion of cable to be cut, repaired, or spliced. The assembly is left in place until the concentric neutral is spliced. As a safety precaution, follow all of your organization’s applicable rules and/or policies pertaining to faulted cable, spiking, and grounding.

Product Options Available

7603Neutral Jumper AssemblyAssembly, For Cable Diameter: 3/4" to 2"
7603GANeutral Jumper AssemblyGrip-All Assembly, For Cable Diameter: 3/4" to 2"
7604Neutral Jumper AssemblyAssembly, For Cable Diameter: 2" to 4"
7604GANeutral Jumper AssemblyGrip All Assembly, For Cable Diameter: 2" to 4"
7603CAdditional PartClamp with Wing Nut
7603CGAAdditional PartClamp with Grip-All
7604CAdditional PartClamp with Wing Nut
7604CGAAdditional PartClamp with Grip-All

Neutral Jumper Assembly Features and Benefits

Made with two ground clamps and 4 feet (1.22 m) of 1/0 clear jacketed extra flexible copper cable. The concentric neutral ground clamp is spring pressured. The assemblies have a continuous current rating of 250 amps and fault rated to ASTM Grade 1, 14 KA for 15 cycles. Other lengths are available. Bag not included.

Neutral Jumper Assembly Accessories