2.13” Aluminum “C” Clamp

2.13” Aluminum “C” Clamp - Threaded – Without Strain Relief System

Product Options Available

7660001E2.13” Aluminum “C” ClampEye, Stainless Steel, ASTM Grade/Class: 5/A Smooth Jaw
76600S1E2.13” Aluminum “C” ClampEye, Stainless Steel, Eye, ASTM Grade/Class: 5/B Serrated Jaw

2.13” Aluminum “C” Clamp Features and Benefits

Main Line Range: 3000 KCM ACSR to #6, 0.25” - 2.13” 6.4mm - 54mm
Continuous Current Rating: 400 RMS Amps, 60 Hz

Additional screw options available.

2.13” Aluminum “C” Clamp Accessories