2.5” Aluminum “C” Clamp

2.5 Aluminum “C” Clamp - Threaded – Without Strain Relief System

Product Options Available

7512B2.5” Aluminum “C” ClampBayonet, Stainless Steel
7512Q2.5” Aluminum “C” ClampQuick Change, Stainless Steel
7512E2.5” Aluminum “C” ClampEye, Stainless Steel

2.5” Aluminum “C” Clamp Features and Benefits

ASTM Grade/Class: 5/A Smooth Jaw
Main Line Range: 2.0” I.P.S. to #6, 0.5” - 2.5” 12.7mm - 63.5mm
Continuous Current Rating: 400 RMS Amps, 60 Hz

Additional screw options available.

2.5” Aluminum “C” Clamp Accessories