4-Way Connector Sets

The 4-Way Connecter Sets are made with #2 clear-jacketed, extra flexible cable, three 8-foot (2.44 m) leads from the heads to the common connection, and one 50-foot (15.25 m) lead from the common connection to the ground connection. The grounding 4-way connector set has a fixture to raise and lower the set which can be easily tied onto the pole. The 752076 grounding 4-way connector set is also supplied with 3 fiberglass handles (10078BC) and bag. The 752576 grounding 4-way connector set requires a clampstick. Sets come with bags. Other lengths and configurations available. Meets ASTM F 855 Grade 1 specifications. Maximum fault duty is 14.5 kA for 15 cycles.

Product Options Available

7520764-Way Connector Setsw/ “C” Type Clamps, Bayonet
7525764-Way Connector Setsw/ “C” Type Clamps, Eye
76630882Squeeze-on Connector for #2 CableQty. Required: 1
76630782Squeeze-on Connector for #2 CableQty. Required: 2
CB364-Way Connector Set BlockCopper, Qty Required: 1
CA364-Way Connector Set BlockAluminum, Qty. Required: 1

4-Way Connector Sets Features and Benefits

Max. Opening (in): 1 1/4, ASTM Grade: 1

4-way connectors are used to create a common connection between the conductor leads and the ground lead of a ground set.

4-Way Connector Sets Accessories