Salisbury Grounding Equipment

C Clamps with RocketLock

C-Clamp with RocketLock™ Technology

Featuring a patent-pending design that is unmatched within the industry, the C-Clamp with RocketLock™ technology offers a spring-loaded lower jaw that snaps closed instantly.

5H Rated Grounding

5H Rated Grounding

Grounding Equipment designed and tested to meet the requirements of ASTM F855, Table 2 – Ultimate Assembly Rating for High X/R Ratio Applications.

Ball and Socket System

The 21190 (Shown Here) Socket Clamp, made from bronze alloy, has a socket size of 1” (25.4mm) and a threaded bore boss of 5/8”- 11 UNC. The socket clamp has an integral cable support with strain relief sleeve.

Grounding Cables

Grounding Cables are made with extra flexible strand of soft drawn #30 AWG (.01”) copper and are available in three different jackets. The yellow thermoplastic elastomer jacketed cable (shown here) is the standard for grounding service. It provides a combination of economy, flexibility, and durability. The service temperature ranges from 212°F to -58°F (100°C to -50°C) per ASTM F 855, Type I requirements.

Strain Relief Sleeves

Strain Relief Sleeves reinforce cables at the termination points when used with the cable support system. This decreases strand damage to cables from age or mishandling which reduces current carrying capacity and service life.

Complete SALCOR Strain Relief Assmebly

Hanger Stud

Hanger Stud

Single Grounding Assemblies

For ordering convenience, completed Single Grounding Assemblies are listed which cover many standard application needs. Modification to these sets to meet specific needs can be made. Contact your local Salisbury representative for assistance or visit www.whsalisbury. com/configurator/ to use our helpful online grounding configurator.

Dual-Purpose Clamps

Dual-Purpose Clamps. Ball Stud C Clamp - Universal Clamp that can be used as both a Socket Clamp with a 1” Ball Stud or as a 1.5” C Clamp

Duck Bill Grounding Clamps

Duck Bill Grounding Clamps - Salisbury by Honeywell: 556 KCM Smooth Jaw Bronze, 1.1" Smooth Jaw Aluminum, 1.66" Serrated Jaw Aluminum

Grounding Clamps for Substation Buses

Grounding Clamps for Substation Buses from Salisbury by Honeywell: 3.5" Aluminum "C" Clamp Substation Buses, 6.62" Adjustable Aluminum "C" Clamp

Grounding Clamps for Flats, Angles, Rounds

Grounding Clamps for Flats, Angles, Rounds. Flat Jaw Grounding Clamps are available with either a large “T” handle or with an eye for clampstick application

Specialty Clamps

Specialty Clamps - Salisbury by Honeywell : bronze cutout clamps with ferrule connection, bronze cutout clamps with contact stud, stringing ground

Grounding Sets

Grounding Sets from Salisbury by Honeywell - TriPro ground sets, grounding clusters, 4-way connectors, assembled dead front ground sets