1.1" Smooth Jaw Aluminum

Duck Bill --Spring Loaded - “V” Thread

Product Options Available

210301.1" Smooth Jaw AluminumEye w/ strain relief sleeve
210591.1" Smooth Jaw AluminumEye w/o strain relief sleeve
21081*1.1" Smooth Jaw AluminumMounted w/ strain relief sleeve
217541.1" Smooth Jaw AluminumHanger Stud Only

1.1" Smooth Jaw Aluminum Features and Benefits

ASTM Grade/Class: 5/A Smooth Jaw
Main Line Range: 795 KCM ACSR to #6, 1.1” - .16” 24mm - 4mm Dia.
Continuous Current Rating: 400 RMS Amps, 60 Hz

1.1" Smooth Jaw Aluminum Accessories