2667 - Clamp with Contact Stud

The 2667 is the 2567 Clamp with Contact Stud, Serrated Jaw

2667 - Clamp with Contact Stud Features and Benefits

The Heavy Duty Bronze “C” Type Flat Jaw Clamp with antiblow off keeper is made to fit structural angles, flats, and copper or copperweld stranded grounding assemblies. To install, first use an abrasive cloth or wire brush to clean the surface to be clamped. Then, wipe the surface clean, position the clamp, finger tighten and set the screws. Use a wrench to secure and tighten. A 2667 clamp with contact stud offers greater versatility.

2567 Now Grade 5H!

ASTM Grade/Class: 5/B Serrated Jaw
Main Line Range: Angles & Flate: 2.5"-4" WX ( 64-101 x 3-19mm ) Rounds:.25”-.75” ( 6-19mm ) Dia.
Continuous Current Rating: 5/8-11UNC, Max. Cable Size 4/0 Type V, Compression Ferrules

2667 - Clamp with Contact Stud Accessories