Utility Product Accessories

Canvas Buckets and Bags

Salisbury Tool Buckets are constructed of extra-heavy-duty canvas duck and reinforced with a one-piece formed leather bottom with a 3” (76mm) cuff for rugged service and long life. The standard tool buckets, 30 and 40, are both collapsible for easy storage and feature a poly braid rope handle. The 30 features a 6” x 8” interior pocket. The oval tool bucket, 50, designed to attach to aerial baskets, features 6 inner tool pockets and two plastic hanging hooks.

Compound Pots

Compound Pots are made of hard rubber that is nonconductive and breakage resistant. The applicator brush and compound are held in one unit that can be hung from aerial devices or fit into cross arm holes. Offered in single and double compartment styles.

Cable Bandages

Cable Bandages provide temporary insulation for bare conductors and splices. A single thickness of the orange SALCOR® Bandage can withstand 15kV on puncture test. The black neoprene bandage is intended to provide fast and complete temporary cover for cable splicers.

Insulating Saddles

Insulating Saddles are ideal for temporary or emergency line work such as stringing light conductors over short spans. The large 3” (76mm) upper saddle opening will hold bare or insulated conductors in either an upright or inverted position.

Belt Hook/ Break Away

Belt Hook/Break-Away is nonconductive yellow nylon hand-line belt hook that will bend or break if suddenly pulled.

Climber Guards

Climber Guards are manufactured by the dipping process using the same formulation of rubber as our lineman’s insulating gloves and sleeves. Climber Guards are furnished un-slit to accommodate any length, regular or adjustable climbers. Sold in pairs only.


Blocks are made of high strength aluminum alloy except for Cat. No. 42PS which is made of high impact plastic. The hand line block has a 5/8” (1.6 cm) diameter rope maximum. “S” denotes side opening block. Other hooks are available.

Arm Slings

Fabricated Arm Slings are used as an allpurpose sling for non-energized and live line work, the fabricated arm sling is made to fit snugly over the arm by using the filler plates (included) to adjust the opening. Weight - 6 lbs. (2.7 kgs).

Hand Lines, Hand Line Assemblies and Line Hooks

Salisbury by Honeywell offers a line of Hand Lines, Hand Line Assemblies and Line Hooks

Pole Adapter Kit & Pole Draw Bar

Pole Adapter Kit and Pole Draw Bar - Salisbury by Honeywell. The Pole Adapter Kit is a mounting bracket that safely attaches a saw to the pole.