Hooks are used for snatch and hand line blocks. Steel Line Hooks designed to hug the conductor when strain is applied to rope after splicing rope into the eye. Hooks will not damage conductor or fall off, and are easily applied and removed.

Product Options Available

SKU Name Description
27 Line Hooks Small, Opening Size: 7/8", WLL lbs.: 1,000
27A Line Hooks Medium, Opening Size: 1-1/2", WLL lbs.: 1,325
27S Line Hooks Large, Opening Size: 2", WLL lbs.: 1,650
40CH Hooks Blunt Hook, Opening Size: 1,000"
40H Hooks Pointed Hook, Opening Size: 1,000"
40HPP Hooks Pointed Hook, Opening Size: 1,000"
40SHB Hooks Swivel Hook, Opening Size: 1,000"

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