PPE Selection and Care

What is ARC Flash PPE?

The arc flash hazard analysis allows for calculation of Arc Flash Incident Energy levels (AFIE). The PPE categories (1-4) determine the amount of protective clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Table 130.7(C)(16) in the NFPA 70E carefully outlines the requirements for each category.

Salisbury is the world leader in electrical safety PPE. Our SAS team understands the requirements and can help you with all aspects of PPE including:

  • PPE Selection, Care and Maintenance- Helping you understand the equipment you need and how to care for it. PPE generally requires periodic testing and a maintenance plan for each piece to ensure that it will properly protect the worker.
  • PPE Testing and Use Training- PPE should be inspected prior to each use and tested regularly. SAS can educate your staff on PPE testing and how to use their PPE.
  • Electrical Grounding Training- SAS can train your staff on working on best practices and procedures for working on or near electric equipment.