Rubber Insulating Sleeves

Rubber Insulating Sleeves extend coverage of the arm from the cuff of rubber insulating gloves to the shoulder- fully protecting these areas from accidental contact with energized conductors and equipment. Salisbury sleeves feature a reinforcing fold at the cuff. This fold is preferred over a rolled bead because it adds less bulk to the cuff and fits into the glove easier without pushing. Two different processes are used to manufacture insulating sleeves; dipping and molding. Both meet the current requirements of ASTM D1051 and offer the same high level of quality and protection.

  • Salisbury's Rubber Insulating Sleeves extend protective coverage from the rubber glove's cuff to the shoulder.
  • Meet ASTM D1051
  • Offered in two different manufacturing processes:
    • Dipped
    • Molded
Rubber Insulating Sleeves, Storage Products, and Accessories